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Welcome to PolitiBites

Hello and welcome to PolitiBites: a new source of delicious online commentary on Politics, Policy & Public Affairs!

As an Australian university student studying Political Science and Public Policy, I have always been keenly interested in exploring political issues, and debating them with as many people as I can! After many years of heated conversations amongst my class mates, family and friends however, I thought it was finally time to expand my comments and musing to the ever-exanding Blogosphere.

From these humble beginnings, I hope to establish PolitiBites as a constantly-evolving space for my thoughts and opinions on topical political or policy issues, with a particular focus on Australian affairs. Hopefully, as time (and my blogging abilities) progress, I will be able to generate some interesting debates, and offer an opportunity to explore pertinent political issues in-depth as they float in and out of the public gaze.

As a full time university student, I may not be able to keep the blog constantly abreast of all the important political issues. However,  I will always attempt to offer a perspective or insight when I can, and to expand themes or debates that have emerged within my previous comments and posts.

Soon, I will set about fulfilling these aims by making my first politically charged posting on an issue of the day. I encourage anyone who has an interest in politics or policy to add this page to your favourites and get your comment on as I post on issues that interest you. You won’t be disappointed!

For now, have a lovely weekend, and check back soon for the inaugural PolitiBites comment!




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